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bpv LEGAL employs over 130 highly qualified lawyers and tax experts, with extensive local and international experience in a comprehensive range of practice areas, including Corporate and Commercial Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Antitrust, EU and Public Procurement, Real Estate, Environmental and Energy, National and International Tax, Labour Law, Corporate Finance and Banking, IP, Internet and Media Law, Litigation/Arbitration.

bpv LEGAL was founded in June 2006 as an alliance of four law firms with a successful history of close cooperation in another framework and present in five locations. We offer national and cross border services to clients in Central and Eastern Europe.

bpv LEGAL has been established by bpv HÜGEL RECHTSANWÄLTE in Vienna, bpv BRAUN PARTNERS in Prague, bpv GRIGORESCU STEFANICA in Bucharest and bpv JÁDI NÉMETH in Budapest. The Brussels office of bpv HÜGEL serves as a European Law competence centre, an asset of vital importance to the new EU member states. The name bpv itself derives from the location of the offices in the alliance.

Offices of the bpv LEGAL alliance in CEE

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